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Correspondence :
Jl. Haji Sa'aba, Joglo
Komplek Minagapura
Blok A2 No. 23
Telp. (021) 589 09748
Fax. (021) 589 09746
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com
E-mail: mkc_joglo@yahoo.com

Plant :
Jl. Raya Serang Cibarusah
km 3 No. 8 Kampung Pasir Randu
Randu RT 11/06 Desa Sukasari,
Kec.Serang Baru,
Bekasi, Jawa Barat - 17331.
Telp./Fax. (021) 89952188
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com
E-mail: mkc_amp@yahoo.com




Before evolving into a company producing hot mix and a highway contractor, we had gained experience in repairing bridges with epoxy grouting technology from Japan to repair cracks in concrete. This injection method takes advantage of pressure to ensure that the epoxy material fills all the cracks far more smoothly and far more effectively than other conventional methods. Moreover, this method has other advantages, such the bridge not having to be closed to traffic during repair work, the repairs have proven to be better and more effective, and there is no risk of air bubbles that can occur when repairs are carried out using other conventional equipment.

In addition to the grouting system for concrete reinforcement, we also have a system to strengthen reinforced concrete using Tyfo Fibrwarp technology. This technology has advantage of flexibility and elasticity, and works by applying a coating to the outside of the concrete. Once hardened, this layer becomes as hard as steel. Fibrwarp can easily coat uneven surfaces and is much lighter in weight than steel, so that it imposes no additional burden on existing structures.

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