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Komplek Minagapura
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Jl. Haji Sa'aba, Joglo
Jakarta - 11640, Indonesia
Telp. (021) 589 09748
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E-mail: info@ptmkc.com
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Jl. Raya Serang Cibarusah
km 3 No. 8
Kampung Pasir Randu RT 11/06
Desa Sukasari, Kec.Serang Baru, Bekasi Jawa Barat - 17331, Indonesia
Telp./Fax. (021) 89952188
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com

AC-WC (AspHalT congrate wearing course)

AC-WC is a mixture of rock and ash aggregate screening and a third layer after the binder course, which is processed in AMP (Asphalt Mixing Plant) ours into a hot mix of high quality, and durable to weather and climate in Indonesia.

AC-WC is a part of the top asphalt, which can close the pores asphalt. so the construction of asphalt roads to be smooth and comfortable when in the past the bikers or motorists, making our vehicles more durable and long lasting, because the asphalt road we traversed smooth and comfortable without holes, traffic levels were - medium.


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