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Komplek Minagapura
Blok A2 No. 23
Jl. Haji Sa'aba, Joglo
Jakarta - 11640, Indonesia
Telp. (021) 589 09748
Fax. (021) 589 09746
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com
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Jl. Raya Serang Cibarusah
km 3 No. 8
Kampung Pasir Randu RT 11/06
Desa Sukasari, Kec.Serang Baru, Bekasi Jawa Barat - 17331, Indonesia
Telp./Fax. (021) 89952188
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com

AC-BC (aspal congrate binder course)

AC-BC is a mixture of rock and ash aggregate screening, and a second layer before the wearing course, which is processed in our proprietary AMP into a hot mix of high quality, and durable to weather and climate in Indonesia.

AC-BC, is the second asphalt layer ac-bc is to strengthen the base of hot mix overlay, so the construction of asphalt roads to be strong and durable for ac-bc serves to strengthen the base and traffic levels being.


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