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Correspondence :
Komplek Minagapura
Blok A2 No. 23
Jl. Haji Sa'aba, Joglo
Jakarta - 11640, Indonesia
Telp. (021) 586 9288, 6825 2146
Fax. (021) 586 9388
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com
Plant :
Jl. Raya Serang Cibarusah
km 3 No. 8
Kampung Pasir Randu RT 11/06
Desa Sukasari, Kec.Serang Baru, Bekasi Jawa Barat - 17331, Indonesia
Telp./Fax. (021) 89952188
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com


Asphalt Concrete (Hotmix) is a mixture of fine aggregate to coarse aggregate and filler (Filler) with asphalt binder under conditions of high summer temperatures. With the composition of the studied and regulated by the technical specifications.

With the completion of the equipment that we have from the amp, the finisher, lab equipment, and equipment, and we are able to produce hot mix in accordance with the standardization of client requests, and we make sure Hotmix our quality, production Hotmix us from AC-BC (Asphalt Congrate Binder Course) , AC-WC (Asphalt Congrate wearing Course), ATB (Asphalt Traeted Base), HRS (Hot Roller Sheet). and we dare say, not just hot mix, but also always quality mix


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