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Komplek Minagapura
Blok A2 No. 23
Jl. Haji Sa'aba, Joglo
Jakarta - 11640, Indonesia
Telp. (021) 586 9288, 6825 2146
Fax. (021) 586 9388
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com
Plant :
Jl. Raya Serang Cibarusah
km 3 No. 8
Kampung Pasir Randu RT 11/06
Desa Sukasari, Kec.Serang Baru, Bekasi Jawa Barat - 17331, Indonesia
Telp./Fax. (021) 89952188
E-mail: info@ptmkc.com



Developments expansion joint expansion in Indonesia has experienced very rapid progress. Obstacles encountered are usually due to lack of raw materials and human resources are adequate, and the difficulty of packing material aggregate qualified and complexity of working methods is made. On this basis, the development of today's expansion joint expansion has been switched to a method of broadcasting expansion more practical to bridge the type of Asphaltic plug..

This type is the type of broadcasting expansion with an asphalt-based material that serves to fill the gap of the two areas of construction that moves. according to our promise "the best services" we already have quality materials and human resources experience in his field, and we make sure that Ekspansion joint work will not be hampered due to lack of material supplies.

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